Advanced php File Upload and Ajax upload

Advanced php File Upload and Ajax upload  v4.0

Allows you to upload files to your server, or files, object-based, flexible, can use it in all projects. Ajax with jquery framework has the feature of upload to. Also be available only ajax. For more details, see the examples.


  • You can specify you want to download the file extensions and mime types of controls have been added.
  • A single file or multiple files to upload offers.

  • Unique naming method is found.

  • Image files, will check whether the actual image file.

  • Prefix and suffix of the files to the front and rear is equipped with.

  • To calculate the size of uploading files do not have to deal with, the size and bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, just as stated.

  • Jquery Ajax file upload feature is due.

  • You can request to have only a single file named (For example, your company would be to install pdf information and the name of the newsletter each week would be advantageous in such cases.)

  • upload files with information you can get results.

Examples and user guide :


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