How to create a laravel hashed password

 Laravel old

$password = 'JohnDoe';
$hashedPassword = Hash::make($password);
echo $hashedPassword; // $2y$10$jSAr/RwmjhwioDlJErOk9OQEO7huLz9O6Iuf/udyGbHPiTNuB3Iuy

So, you’ll insert the $hashedPassword into database.
Hope, it’s clear now and if still you are confused then i suggest you to
read some tutorials, watch some screen casts on and and also read a book on Laravel, this is a free ebook, you may download it.

Update: Since OP wants to manually encrypt password using Laravel Hash without any class or form so this is an alternative way using artisan tinker from command prompt:

  1. Go to your command prompt/terminal
  2. Navigate to the Laravel installation (your project’s root directory)
  3. Use cd <directory name> and press enter from command prompt/terminal
  4. Then write php artisan tinker and press enter
  5. Then write echo Hash::make('somestring');
  6. You’ll get a hashed password on the console, copy it and then do whatever you want to do.

Update (Laravel 5.x):

// Also one can use bcrypt
$password = bcrypt('JohnDoe');
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