my visual studio code extension for react.js and react native

my visual studio code extension for react.js and react native 


Automatically add HTML/XML close tag, same as Visual Studio IDE or Sublime Text does.

JavaScript syntax highlighting for ES201x, React JSX, Flow and GraphQL.

A wrapper around node-change-case for Visual Studio Code. Quickly change the case of the current selection or current word.

This extension styles css/web colors found in your document.

“Document This” is a Visual Studio Code extension that automatically generates detailed JSDoc comments for both TypeScript and JavaScript files.

GitLens supercharges the Git capabilities built into Visual Studio Code. It helps you to visualize code authorship at a glance via Git blame annotations and code lens, seamlessly navigate and explore Git repositories, gain valuable insights via powerful comparison commands, and so much more.

A Visual Studio Code extension for more guide lines

Formats HTML documents by auto-indenting, wrapping and removing unnecessary whitespace while preserving newlines.

Port of IntelliJ IDEA key bindings for VS Code. Includes keymaps for popular JetBrains products like IntelliJ Ultimate, WebStorm, PyCharm, PHP Storm, etc.

Generates and inserts lorem ipsum text into Visual Studio Code.

The Material Icon Theme provides lots of icons based on Material Design for Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code plugin that autocompletes filenames.

Create static React keys for your project!

Shows package version information for npm, jspm, dub and dotnet core in the Visual Studio Code editor.

This extension will display inline in the editor the size of the imported package. The extension utilizes webpack with babili-webpack-plugin in order to detect the imported size.

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