Stnc File Upload and Ajax upload

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What does it do?

Stnc File Upload and Ajax use of information and features
Allows you to upload files to your server, or files, OOP-based,resize pictures if you want to upload the files to make the image smaller, and if (the thumb) ,sizing feature of.
Ajax with jquery framework has the feature of upload to.


  • You can specify that you want to upload the file extension.
  • Size calculation can only image files, you can get the properties of the image that has become smaller.
  • Upload files with the same name checks whether the file.
  • A single file or multiple files to upload offers.
  • Has a unique naming method.
  • Images of the actual image file if the file control.
  • Prefix and suffix of the files to the front and rear property
  • To calculate the size of the files to be installed will not have to deal with, the size and bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, just as stated.
  • Ajax offers upload.(Jquery)
  • Information about the installation files can result..

New class :

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